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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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  • Adsense – Maximising Your Income in the Holidays

    June 29, 2012 by  
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    Don’t know how to increase your search engine traffic? How do you turn this into your advantage – and actually increase your Google AdSense income at festive occasions such as Christmas and Thanksgiving?

    Here are some tips for boosting both your AdSense income and your traffic;

    Have you noticed around the American bank holidays, like July 4th and Thanksgiving, your AdSense income takes a nosedive? Do you wonder how you can make the most of these holidays and actually maximise your income?

    These income nosedives are something I’ve noticed particularly over the past year and each time this happens my heart is in my mouth as my AdSense income plummets and I wonder if it’s ever going to return to more normal levels. Of course, it does, but just for a day or two, you’re wondering just what has happened to your normal income levels.

    If you’ve been making money with AdSense for any time at all – you’ll know that your AdSense income can be unpredictable, to say the least. From one day to the next you can experience quite big fluctuations for no apparent reason.

    You may well have noticed that particular days of the week are far better than others – this will depend on the particular niche that your site is in. For me, my best days are Wednesdays, with Saturdays & Sundays being particularly quiet. For my daughter’s site, she often has better days at the weekends. It will depend very much on your site content and just who your visitors are. My daughter’s site is fashion-related, so I guess that a lot of her visitors are teenagers and young women who have more time to browse the internet at the weekend.

    Of course, the upside of these AdSense income fluctuations is that the build-up to big holidays, such as Christmas, can see some big increases in income. If your site is one where you can cash in on this market, you’ll want to consider preparing for these several months beforehand. Especially as the Christmas rush starts in early November!

    By creating your content pages embedded with your AdSense code in good time you’re giving the search engines plenty of time to find them and index them. You’ve even got time to tweak them if you find that they’re not coming high enough up the search engine results.

    As well as building pages, don’t forget the all-important building of links. This is more important for MSN and Yahoo, as Google seems to penalise irrelevant links. However, it’s worth building links to your new pages from related sites, as this will improve your search engine rankings and thus your AdSense income.

    It’s especially early to get an early start creating new pages that you want to get ranked in Google as they are now only re-indexing their pages every few months so it is taking longer to get new pages ranked well by them. Making sure you’ve got a Google Sitemap can help to get over this problem. There are plenty of free tools available to help you create your Google Sitemap – just type “free Google sitemap” into the search engines and browse through the available options.

    Of course, the great benefit of building your internet businesses with AdSense is that they’ll keep earning you money while you take your holidays, allowing you to take a well-earned rest.

    Guidelines for Adding the AdSense Code to Your Web Page

    June 29, 2012 by  
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    Adding the AdSense code to your web page is a very straight forward process. You just need to copy the AdSense code from your AdSense account (as seen in the AdSense code box) and paste it in your HTML code. However, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow when pasting the AdSense code in your web page.

    Firstly, you should never tamper with the AdSense code in any way. It should be pasted as such, in its entirety, without any changes or modifications; otherwise your AdSense code will not work. Moreover, you might end up violating the AdSense program policies.

    Also, it’s important that you paste the AdSense code in the body tags of your HTML page. This is necessary for the code (java script) to run properly.

    Furthermore, you must ensure that you use a maximum of three ad units per web page (this is the limit specified by Google AdSense program) and not more than 1 link unit per web page.

    Since content-based Ad targeting is the main concept behind the AdSense program, you need to ensure that you paste your AdSense code in the place where you have your main content pieces e.g. if you have your main content in a particular frame or a ‘DIV’ tag, your AdSense code should be pasted in that particular frame or ‘DIV’ tag.

    Be careful when using WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors. Such editors sometimes add few tags on their own. So, paste the AdSense code only in source code directly and not in the preview page or any other view of your web page. Always check the AdSense code for additional irrelevant tags before you actually upload your web page to your server.

    AdSense: More Top Tips for Maximizing Your Profits

    June 29, 2012 by  
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    The ideal Google AdSense page should have great content about a very specific topic. Take effort to be very clear about what the topic is, and carefully choose the keyword (or key phrase) describing the topic. Users don’t like vague pages that don’t make it very clear what the page is all about.

    In a nutshell, you want to make sure the page you create offers great value to people interested in the topic. When you provide excellent information on a specific topic, your visitors will benefit and will be more likely to click through to relevant AdWords.

    Everyone’s seen way too many horizontal banner ads up top. Thus, Google recommends you choose the vertical – the opposite – format to display your AdWords. People have become “banner blind” to a horizontal format. Plus, Google has “trained” us to click on relevant text ads on their own site and they use the vertical format.

    It’s to your financial advantage to put the AdWords near the top of your page on the right. Make sure there is enough “breathing room” – i.e. white space around the ads – so that they will easily attract your visitors.

    The latest marketing tests have revealed that placing pictures beside, or above you’re a ads can have a massive impact on click-thru rates. This is because the eye is immediately attracted to the picture, once they see the picture, they see the ad!

    Don’t even think about trying to ‘trick’ AdSense (They have penalties, including getting kicked out). Don’t create a page on one topic and give it a file name about a different topic – that’s too confusing. And I know it’s tempting, because it seems so easy and it’s just sitting there waiting for you to do it, but do not click on the AdWords displayed on your own site to increase your revenue. Google (rightfully) frowns on this. Plus, Google has some of the smartest engineers around, and they are very good at detecting this kind of fraud. And really, for an extra $1, is it worth getting kicked out of a money-maker like AdSense? I think not…