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  • Google AdSense: Tips for Use

    June 29, 2012
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    Like anything else, you’ll get out of Google AdSense what you put into it. The following optimization tips can help you grow your Google AdSense dollars:

    • Write interesting content and write every possible day.
    • Have more than one site – The more sites you have, the more ads have the potential to get clicked.
    • Set up channels and monitor your statistics across all sites. If one site is performing poorly, consider changing the content or the ad layout. (Experiment!)
    • Change the ad layout and notice which layout works the best for you. There are many different layout options and there’s no way you can know going in which one will perform the best.
    • If you’re blogging, writingup.com has a list of profitable topics. They state that you don’t have to write on those topics but you might give it a try or at least plug some of them in to the search engines.
    • Google different key words and phrases and notice how much and what kinds of content and ads you see.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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